Perceptivist Art

Perceptivism.  The Ultimate Canvas For The Imagination

Electronic processes reveal an entire ambit of previously unreachable possibilities

A broadening of Scope and Perception of what Can be


Perceptivism reveals the abstract nature of form while containing within it a vestige of the real.

An ascent into form that does not exist – the ultimately spiritual nature of matter.

A belief in form concurrent with a deception of it.

3D Printing and the Future of Retail
July 19, 2013

I recently spoke at a conference on 3D printing in Chicago (MediaBistro's Inside3DPrinting for those curious). The topic of my talk was 'Tools of Creation and the Future of Retail', it was very well received and I am glad to...

New Work!!
June 17, 2013

Introducing 'Spiritus'  a massive 360 x 120cm Dypthic which I have worked very hard on for the past few months. This piece is a little unique because the technique I used to create it is the same as those in my...

Gallery in Mexico City
May 15, 2013

Hi All! This is a walkthrough of my newly opened gallery in Mexico City, showing my work in Fine Art, Jewelry, Sculpture and Video. If you enjoy it please leave a comment!